Clean99’s best tips for tenants when renting a property

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As a professional cleaning company, we have a lot of experience when it comes to the ins and outs of a tenant’s rental journey. Often times, we find ourselves in the middle of a dispute due to disagreements between the landlord and tenant. This article will share our best tips and tricks to avoiding the pitfalls of renting allowing you to enjoy your newly rented home.


Choose the landlord over the property

Without going in-depth into the legal rights of landlords and tenants, it is often the case where the landlord has more discretion and control of the tenant’s deposit. With that in mind, we highly recommend tenants to choose a landlord they’re comfortable and confident of amicable relationships with. This is to prevent a case whereby at the end of the handover, you’re stuck without your deposit and subjected to fees due to a landlord’s demands to make good of defects that may or may not have been a result of your stay.


Drawing on our experiences, an unscrupulous landlord could deplete all of your deposit in a bid to restore the home to the best possible condition – even better than prior to your rental of the property. All of this results in an unpleasant experience and an additional cost to your overall rental fees.


Document everything and keep receipts

It is good practice and important to safeguard your own interests by documenting the state of the home and communicating so with the landlord and/or agent. This is to ensure that defects are made known right from the get-go,  to prevent any misunderstanding on who caused the defect and should incur the fees of restoration.


In the case of a tenancy handover, the cleanliness of the home should be noted so as to ensure that the house is returned in the same state prior to the rental. It is often the case where either the landlord or tenant would engage a professional cleaning company for a Move In / Move Out Clean and this would be noted in the lease agreement to ensure for equal expectations by the time of a handover.


Hire professional cleaners

Professional cleaners are able to advise the standards to be expected during a tenancy handover. We are also equipped with the correct tools and chemicals to ensure the house is cleaned in an efficient and effective manner. All of which allows for a smooth and fuss-free handover for you to have a pleasant experience.



We hope these tips will serve you well. Should you have any more queries or require our services, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

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