About us

About Us

We were consumers who were frustrated by the lack of quality and customer service in the cleaning industry. With over 10 years of experience in facility management and services, Clean99 was formed to provide the service delivery and hygiene standards customers deserve. We respect the trust and expectations you have in us when you let us into your homes and premises. You can rest assured that your health and satisfaction are our utmost priority.


Our Promise

Cleaning is difficult. It is overlooked and under appreciated. We started off with getting our hands (literally) dirty,  in order to understand the challenges this industry faces. Through our experience, we’ve learnt to understand the struggles beyond the job and the impact of this industry. Cleaning is not just an essential service, it is an essential mean to provide and survive for many.

Our promise is to serve with pride and integrity, so as to honor the trust our clients and cleaners have placed in us. By choosing us, you are supporting a company that puts you and our cleaners first. We strive to care for both your premise and our cleaners who dedicate their efforts to keeping our surroundings clean.

Our Mission

To provide our customers a clean and happy environment they deserve.

Our Vision

Clean99 aspires to be the flagship brand for all hygiene-related services. We believe in uplifting the industry through adopting technology and empowering our workers.

Our Expertise

NEA Certified, IICRC Trained, CRI Equipped, Over a decade of success in Facility Services

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Sites Serviced


This list is not exhaustive and highlights just some of the sites in which we have conducted cleans. The logos and trademarks presented on our website belong to their respective companies. Nothing herein shall be construed as an endorsement or recommendation by these entities listed above.


IICRC Certified
The Carpet and rug institute
The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications
National Environment Agency